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Americans with artistic talent often put their reputations online for charitable or protest events and organizations. They do so hoping the public will recognize their sincerity but many times they risk their reputation and future earnings. This is perhaps the mark of true leadership for those who believe in a cause.

With movies, United States has been able to spread democratic values and beliefs around the world. Actors and actresses like the people below have appeared in movies where often they were the heroes in stories about everyday living in America. More often than not, the actors had to play out incidents of hardship and pain leading to a point where they were able to overcome the problems they faced, resulting in a happy story ending. Their portrayal of a character, hopefully, sends a message of some sort to the viewing audience, be it good or bad.

Even in their private lives, many artistic champions face difficulties not experienced by the average man or woman. Personal privacy is sacrificed and they are often on the butt end of jokes and unfortunate schemes to separate them from their money. Then, too, we hear stories of artistic individuals that have had to overcome drug problems or embarrassing situations that are brought on by the lack of a truly private life.

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Halle Berry Photo
Halle Berry
Irene Dunne Photo
Irene Dunne
Burt Lancaster Photo
Burt Lancaster
Linda McCartney Photo
Linda McCartney
Dolly Parton Picture
Dolly Parton

Les Paul Photo
Les Paul
Norman Rockwell Photo
Norman Rockwell
Theodor Suess Geisel Photo
Dr. Seuss
Steven Spielberg Photo
Steven Spielberg
Andy Warhol Photo
Andy Warhol
Denzel Washington Photo
Denzel Washington
There are many unknown heroes across the United States if you think of the fathers, mothers, and guardians who sacrifice for their children. Even teens sometime do things for their younger siblings that are heroic. Always remember the golden rule if you want to take the first step in becoming a hero in someone's eyes.
John Wayne Photo
John Wayne

Success and failure
are never final.

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