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We Remember
by Donnie Jones

On a bright September morn
The highest love for man was born,
Not what the cowardly bombers wanted
For they gave us life all the more undaunted.
Now God walks with the victims of nine eleven,
Bestowing them sacred reign in blessed heaven.

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This site is meant to serve as a resource where you can get some quick information on the American heroes presented. The heroes are selected at random and there was no intention of selecting the "best" heroes nor to exclude anyone. The website was designed for students who require a little help in writing an essay or completing some other kind of school project.

Please report any incomplete or incorrect information and broken links. I am currently updating the reference links and this should not affect the use of the website. You are encouraged to make nominations for additional heroes to be included on USA Hero by using the "Email Me" button.


Simple definitions of a hero:
1. Someone who acts to help another with no thought for herself or himself.
2. Someone who is admired for achievements or noble qualities.

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