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For teachers: E-Learn Writing Guidelines

I wish to thank the many teachers who have written to me with supportive remarks and suggestions for this website. I have always felt there is a need to make students aware of American heroes. I started USA Hero to make students more aware of some Americans, past and present, who can be described as heroes for their contribution in the history of United States. I try to write my sentences very basic, hoping the students will look up related information in the reference links I give. This site has proved useful for students beginning at the grade five level.

My purpose with this web page you are viewing is to simply make you aware that there are new guidelines for presentations being written on computers. I am including here a link to a particular website I feel would be a good reference site for teachers who want to know more about electronically written documents. It could be your school or school district has already set up such guidelines. I am only suggesting teachers look at this site to see how one unique organization expects submissions to be written.

Please visit  E-Learn 2008.

TIP: When checking reference sites on USA Hero use a browser that supports multiple tabs so you can open the various reference sites in addition to USA Hero at the same time. I find that if you use a three-button mouse and click on any reference link with the middle button or scroll wheel, a new tab will open having that reference site. You can really work on an essay faster when you have several tabs open and can quickly move from one reference site tab to another.

Please report any incorrect information on USA Hero and let me know of any broken links. I would really appreciate hearing from you and encourage you to make a nomination for some other hero to be included on this web site.

To keep USA Hero as a free site, I use Google sponsored link advertisements which are virus free and without pop-ups. These links often include related information to the hero or topic being studied.

I am starting to include related links which you might find useful on  Resource Web Sites. If you wish to have a link added here, please email the information.

Don Jones,
Webmaster, USA Hero

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