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American citizens have been placed in harm's way and shown great leadership to people in other nations in the defense of democracy and individual freedoms. We believe in the freedom of religion and the equality of men and women.

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American Iraq/Afghanistan Heroes

Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away

Click on a hero's picture to further honor that hero!

Brennan Gibson Photo
Brennan Gibson
Derek Jones Photo
Derek Jones
Frances Vega Photo
Frances Vega
James Hayes Photo
James Hayes
Jose Velez Photo
Jose Velez
"It is my mission to remind people of our fallen heroes, to let people know who these men and women are."
Quote by Q Madp, Webmaster of

"Q gets an A for his project to honor our military casualties"
Thursday, July 19, 2007
The Oregonian

Regina Clark Photo
Regina Clark
Ming Sun Photo
Ming Sun

Clicking on any of the photos on this page will take you to Q's website dedicated to those who have died in the Iraq and Afghanistan battles. Q gives his whole heart and effort in preserving the memory of these heroes. I urge you to visit his website, and by doing so, give recognition and support in any manner possible.

Terry Hemingway Photo
Terry Hemingway
Patrick Wade Photo
Patrick Wade
Isiah Sinclair Photo
Isiah Sinclair
Keith Taylor Photo
Keith Taylor
Seth Stanton Photo
Seth Stanton


Success and failure
are never final.

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