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United States is a true promoter of democracy. Laws point out that citizens have the right to vote for the person of their choice and they may follow whatever religion they wish.

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It is difficult to select who are hero politicians because, no matter who is chosen, they still may not be accepted by the opposite side. Somehow many politicians do make historical contributions which the public may not realize until years later. True politicians are very much in the public eye so their daily lives becomes open to criticism. Political leaders, no matter what party they represent, are trying in some manner to help their region or country to advance.

Politics is mainly the method and process of taking decisions for the group. The word politics integrates all domestic and international policies. These are mainly the activities of government on state or national level political affairs. This, however, does not mean that only the government is responsible for carrying out all political decisions. The public often is the force that can bring pressure on political leaders forcing them to make changes to present laws or draft new laws. The political leader must do his or her best to keep the public informed regarding new laws or changes to old laws. political decisions.

Political leaders know that, once they are elected, their lives become further open to the public. This includes friends and family relatives who sometimes must bear up under exaggerated slander thrown at their political leader. The true leader will strenthen under such pressure and continue on achieving goals that will benefit the city, state, or country government he represents. The political leader who is not an elected candidate more often than not is subject to the same pressure.

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William Clinton Photo
William Clinton
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John Kennedy
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Ronald Reagan
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Condolezza Rice

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Elizabeth Dole

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Ruth Ann Minner
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Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Margaret Chase Smith
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Carl Stokes
Harriet Tubman Picture
Harriet Tubman
Harry Truman Photo
Harry Truman
Please, if you are of legal voting age, always exercise your right to vote. Don't vote as if it is a popularity contest where you vote for the best-looking man or woman, but vote for the person you feel will be your best representative in the Senate or the Congress or some other political office. He or she should be able to discuss what issues he feels he must support.

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