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For most of us, we tend to favor a particular type of music. Some teens would never want to be seen listening to country and western songs; no, let that person hear the persuasion of the rapper and his rhythmic verse and that is called cooool! Both of these groups might turn the radio station button with superflash movements to get away from hearing operatic or classical music. Whether it be rock, jazz, pop, or the Latin styles of music, all have their fans.

In much the same respect, heroes exist in all types of song and dance. It is important that one try to understand the similarities of how each musical hero progressed in being recognized in his or her specific music venue. There are often some bad spots along the way yet true heroes overcome these misfortunes. If we are presented with a variety of music styles in our everyday lives, and we really think about the words and music of different songs, we begin to appreciate how music one day could be an important factor in the world finally resolving some of its problems and squabbles. Often, the musician hero presents the story of human progression in his music. With the internet now making videos easily available, music from all styles and countries is becoming more abundant to the point where one realizes there are actually some common threads in many forms of music.


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It is very difficult to choose heroes in most categories; in particular, musical heroes. Each of these selected heroes have had to struggle at times to get their music and songs before the public. Sometimes it is only later in life that their contribution to the music world is fully appreciated. United States has had many individuals whose music has been heard around the globe; in effect, spreading American culture and values to other parts of the world.

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