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Some American Music Stars:
Janis Joplin
Bill Haley
Bing Crosby
Jimmy Hendrix
Shirley Jones
Shirley Verrett
Mahalia Jackson
Gene Autry
Faith Hill
Dolly Parton
Bobby Darrin
George Jones
Ray Charles
Whitney Houston
Clay Akin
Billie Holliday
Bill Munroe

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Musical Heroes Page 1

Music and songs fill the lives of most Americans and people around the globe. People include music in their daily life styles. United States has exported its music to the point where it has become part of the culture in many countries. Nearly all musical heroes have stories of dedicated effort and devoted fans around the world who understood and recognized the end product of that effort. Music, as they say, is a truly universal language.

American musicians and singers have effectively influenced music the world over. Through their music, they have brought both messages of love and of tears to the hearts of many. Musical heroes, because their stories truly inspire, have influenced many individuals to pick up a guitar or write words to a special song. The poetry and words in many American songs have helped musical heroes promote values within many minds.

Musical heroes are exposed to a changing world today where their songs and recordings are more easily attained by illegal copying or downloading on the internet. This type of theft of copyrighted property deprives many musicians from royalty rights and other income. Many musical heroes, however, are using the internet to further their exposure and are finding new means to spread their musical endeavors over the internet and through cell phone technology.

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Louis Armstrong Picture
Louis Armstrong
Tony Bennett Picture
Tony Bennett
Joan Baez Picture
Joan Baez
Maria Callas Picture
Maria Callas
Johnny Cash Picture
Johnny Cash
Kelly Clarkson Picture
Kelly Clarkson
Aretha Franklin Picture
Aretha Franklin
Faith Hill Picture
Faith Hill
Madonna Picture

Reba McEntire Picture
Reba McEntire
Elvis Presley Picture
Elvis Presley
Frank Sinatra Picture
Frank Sinatra
John Philip Sousa Picture
John Philip Sousa
Hank Wlliams Picture
Hank Williams
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