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There are many Americans who qualify to be posted in this category. United States has always made the supreme contribution to war efforts when required.

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Military Heroes

There are potentially thousands of Americans who could honor this page. They have been called on to defend democratic values and to help keep the peace in nations around the world. American men and women fought bravely in many battles and have honoured their country through exceptional actions under the most horrific conditions.

Democracy has not come easy for United States. A long and deadly civil war can attest to that. Those who fill military roles believe the values of their country serve to make it a better country. Many American lives have been affected by the fighting and loss of life in various wars around the world in the past and today. Their heroism and why they fought for United States must never be forgotten.

It is fortunate that we have individual men and women who deeply believe that America must be protected and volunteer to take part in military service. Because of their leadership and commitment, the values Americans deeply care about are protected and these same values are sought by the citizentry in many other countries.

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Tribute to United States  Tribute to United States
Harold Bauer Photo
Harold Bauer
Steve Bennett Photo
Steve Bennett
Edward A. Carter Photo
Edward A. Carter
Benjamin O Davis Photo
Benjamin O Davis
Dwight Eisenhower Photo
Dwight Eisenhower

David Hackworth Photo
David Hackworth
John Paul Jones Photo
John Paul Jones
Audi Murphy Photo
Audi Murphy
George Patton Photo
George Patton
John Pershing Photo
John Pershing
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Click here to view a special web site started by Patrick Nettesheim and Dan Van Buskirk. Find out how they used the healing power of guitars and music to make a difference in the lives of military veterans. Discover the benefits of this program and how you can help.
Lori_Ann Piestewa Photo
Lori Ann Piestewa
Colin Powell Photo
Colin Powell
Norman Schwarzkopf Photo
Norman Schwarzkopf
George Washington Photo
George Washington
Please remember our Iraq/Afghanistan heroes! Click HERE to visit a special project ...
Read Journey of a Warrior
Journey of a Warrior

There is a link button to the left where you can read a .pdf story of "Warrior" Darrell Weatherbee. It is a story of one man's leadership career who left a lasting legacy and surprise ending. The file is a bit large because of the graphics used with the story.
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