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Many Americans feel their history has been one of world leadership. If you research, you'll find many events that have made for great moments featured Americans with humble beginnings.

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Americans live under the rule of law. The improvement of our society depends on laws that are respected by the nation. Law officials not only enforce laws but must also help provide for the research and input into making new laws. In doing so, they expose themselves to criticism publicly but stay the course to bring about laws for the benefit of both our nation and global societies.

When laws are made, it is hoped they represent what is correct and best for the public. Law makers are faced with bringing in new laws when it appears that a law is not working or that it is not fair. That is why United States is considered on of the fairest countries in the world when it comes to court cases dealing with individuals or companies.

Law is not some abstract notion that can and will protect us when we need to rely on it. The process of law is an integral part of democratic life, and something which regulates our conduct, and in essence allows us to act according to our own desires within reason. Some may think the law is too restrictive in certain areas, but it works. The law serves its function as regulating our behaviour very well most of the time but the norms in society often change and bring about new leaders and new laws. The fact is, law has been an important part of society since it began, with implied legal and social orders and boundaries that could not be crossed. Today, it is a sophisticated network of guidelines and regulations which is adapted to shape the way we live our lives from one day to the next. There is no doubt that the law is important to the citizen, and plays a profound impact on the lives of the people on a daily basis.

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Clarence Darrow
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Thomas Jefferson
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Martin Luther King
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Abraham Lincoln
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Constance Motley

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Eliot Ness
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Rosa Parks
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Eleanor Roosevelt
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Gerry Spence
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Daniel Webster

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