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In the US wealth is very much distributed amongst the population. Although it seems the rich are getting richer, anyone who works hard can become a millionaire!

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Human life cannot survive without expert leaders in business. Making profit is essential to staying in business and good business leaders know not only how to make a profit but also how to best employ their workers so that profits happen. In some cases, they have training programs that produce superior skilled workers and, with the use of modern technology, increase the productivity for that business.

Business heroes are responsible for putting people to work. They must know how to get employees to work effectively with each other and with the company administrators so that a team approach to productivity can happen. Employers have become more safety conscious than in previous years and many workers on the job, especially construction jobs, are required to pass safety tests as a requirement for employment. Good business practice has often included drug and alcohol testing as well. Companies are in global competition hence business leaders know that employees can help in this respect by suggesting ideas, innovations and projects for the company to pursue. In this respect, employees are often rewarded through bonus pay or shares of stock in the company.

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William Boeing
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Michael Dell
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Steve Jobs
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Mary Kay

Business leaders make many decisions daily that affect employees, supervisors, suppliers, and the public. Such leaders have learned to work effectively using computer technology to save time, to obtain up-to-date information, and to communicate quickly. Business leaders are respected by their employees and encourage employees to make suggestions to improve their work place and their work. Many companies reward employees for contributing ideas that are put to use by the company.

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Ray Kroc
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Paul Newman
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Naomi Sims

Martha Stewart

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