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Americans have excelled in many sports and often shown great leadership to athletes in other nations. Professionally, American teams are respected around the world.

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Athletic heroes save lives. Many youths have had their lives changed or saved only because they had a sports hero to look up to. It takes more than just talent to become an accomplished athlete. Individuals who excel in sporting activities often do so because they go to the extreme with hard work and effort both in their practise sessions and in game play.

It is through setting personal goals to stretch achievements that their superior play becomes recognized.

Athletic heroes are also known for overcoming injuries received in play but many athletes have had their career come to an end through unfortunate injuries. Athletic heroes often become acknowledged by their brilliant performance sometimes surpassing what can be considered human expectations.

Sports in society are very important for both adults and children. When people play sports they meet numerous people who have to work together for the success of the sport. Specific sports are often a membership society in themselves. The members get to know people who enjoy playing, officiating, or watching the same sport. Sports aren't only fun, but they keep individuals in shape. They hone their skills, hand-eye coordination, speed, agility, endurance, and overall strength. Above all, they take on an attitude where respect is shown to other members be they winners or losers.

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Andre Agassi
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"Yogi" Berra
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Larry Bird
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Jim Brown

Oscar de la Hoya

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Mia Hamm
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Brett Hull
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Michael Jordan
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Billie Jean King
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Michelle Kwan
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Warren Moon
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Archie Moore
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Richard Petty
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Jackie Robinson

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Pat Tillman
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Ted Williams

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Tiger Woods
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