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Artistic heroes often go unheralded. Men and women who excel in various artistic forms are not always acknowledged for their achievements to the degree they should be. Over time, however, their unique and talented skills in various artistic fields do earn them recognition. Unfortuately some artists, writers, and other artistic performers are left to gather meaningful laurels only after their death.

Being an artist requires a lot of personal discipline. Non-artists like to imagine composers, painters, writers, choreographers and playwrights agonizing over the creative process, tossing out canvases that don't work and throwing away numerous sheets of poetry that didn't please them. But more often than not, the artist takes any work seriously and constantly improves on the painting, story or poem until it reaches his personal satisfaction.

The painter, writer, or actor must somehow make his work touch upon the imagination of the viewer. The end product must convey what the originator designed it to do. Usually these artistic individuals depend on making emotionally connections as a measure of his or her work.

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Bob Barker Picture
Bob Barker
Doris Day Photo
Doris Day
Emily Dickinson Photo
Emily Dickinson
Walt Disney Photo
Walt Disney
Jodie Foster Photo
Jodie Foster

Morgan Freeman Photo
Morgan Freeman
Lena Horne Photo
Lena Horne
Langston Hughes Photo
Langston Hughes
Scott Joplin Photo
Scott Joplin
Mario Lanza Photo
Mario Lanza

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Jacob Lawrence Photo
Jacob Lawrence
Spike Lee Photo
Spike Lee
Debbie Reynolds Photo
Debbie Reynolds
Fred Rogers Photo
Fred Rogers
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Meryl Streep Photo
Meryl Streep

Ed Sullivan Picture
Ed Sullivan

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